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I have a 8 month bby boy having a fever past 2 days. Went to private clinic they say its normal for baby to get sick as its his first time falling ill. Doc check everything n say his ok. Still look strong n good. Good thing is that his temperature is down. But he keeps on crying non stop. N like nothing can stop n comfort him at all. He only stops crying when he went to sleep. He still can eat a bit n drink milk. He suck his pacifier for awhile then throw away. Not sure if its something in the mouth(no teeth btw). Doc just say give him time, he looks uncomfortable n just try to comfort him. But what else am i suppose to do as i did tried lots of thing. So i need some advice pls... 😫

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hi, mummy thanks for the advise. baby had recovered. went to kkh they say its a normal fever for baby. because of the high fever, thats y baby looks irrits n uncomfortable.

if you suspect he's teething, rub some teething gel, I believe it numbs the pain. follow the instructions on the box.

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might be discomfort from teething. u may wanna apply some Dentinox which u can get from the pharmacies.

With out knowing cause for fever. It is very hard to tell what to do. baby may be feeling pain.

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🥺 thx for the advise. will monitor for few more days n see how.

gws to your son .. da try lemon bath or fever balm ? can check it out at Instagram .