My lo is 12 weeks old. He has started to eat/sucks his hands n fingers about 3 weeks ago. Also, saliva drools frm his mouth. Whenever i cradle him, he will start to suck my left forearm. I am a ebm mum. Is my lo teething? But its too early. I tried to stop him frm eat/suck his hands. Should i let him be n this is passing phase?

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Hi there mommy, this is very normal actually. Around 12 weeks of age, your baby will be very in tune with his body and discovering how his feet and hands work. They will become utterly fascinated with them and will examine his fingers and thumbs closely and it is inevitable that he puts them in his mouth and try to suck on them. Sucking on his fingers is also very soothing to baby, that's why he is doing the same to your forearm. If you're really bothered by it, you can consider getting a pacifier.

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Baby's mouth has the most nerve endings than any part of his body so this is his way of exploring the world around him. My lo also puts everything in his mouth, including my hair :-) He will grow out of it as he becomes more agile and his other senses begin to develop more and more. There is nothing we can do about it but to let is pass its own course. My lo also does not like pacifier but she found her fingers! :-) And also, I keep soft teething toy at hand all the time. It helps too.

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Hi Mummy Yuna, thanks for the reply. Ya I understand he is discovering and oso the soothing effect but i worry it becomes a habit and den go long term. I did intro pacifier to him few times but he make it fall out or brush it out..

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For pacifier, u need to keep intro to him, will took awhile for him to took it. Yes, baby can start teething as early as 12 weeks but teeth may start growing few weeks later or earlier, it's really depend on ur baby.

May be baby is not fully feeded... sometimes baby tends to do like that... once u feed them they stop licking or sucking like that.

they are just exploring . some time later u will see them trying to suck on their feet too

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Isit unhygienic and will it cause any germs if the baby suck on the toes or the feet??

He's actually learning too! It's very normal and its soothes them.