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I need help from mummies out here. My 2month LO doesn't want to drink his milk. He is on fully formula milk. Once i put the bottle in his mouth he will keep on crying and pushing his tougue out. I will need to comfort him and once he is in sleepy mode then he would suck the bottle n drink. There is no oral thrush n no fever. If we nvr fed him he is ok can smile. Change bottle change teat also the same.Any mummies experience these? How long will these last?

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It could be a growth spurt thing, or if your LO is like mine, he just decided that he wants to reject the bottle. Mine rejected for 3 whole months, but I had direct latching to fall back on. For yours, just keep persevering. He will drink when he’s hungry/sleepy. If he’s awake, you can also try taking him just outside the house, because that will overwhelm his senses and make him more agreeable to drink. You can also try holding the bottle with the thumb and index finger, then placing the last 3 fingers under the jaw and help push the jaw upwards to simulate sucking. Hope it gets better soon!

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4y ago

OMG 3 mths!! I can go crazy

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It sounds like the first leap! Go google on wonder weeks.