Please someone tell me it is just a phase. Had been suffering horrible nights since the the past 2 days. My boy 13mo was down with fever on Saturday n has recovered. But now, every night he has trouble sleeping. Waking up n then whining n crying. Offering him milk he will just drink for 5-10mins, doze off for awhile n then repeat the whole crying/whining n rolling all over me. I hardly get any rest. Is tis just a phase? What can I do to make him sleep better?

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Could it be that he is teething? Here are some signs commonly associated with teething: - irritability or fussiness - drooling (could lead to facial rash) - gum swelling and sensitivity - gnawing or chewing behaviour - refusing food - sleep problems For more information on signs of teething: (While fever is commonly associated with teething, it is not one of the symptoms agreed by the doctors. Hence, provided the list of symptoms for your reference. One common sign is excessive drooling. If your boy is teething, that may explain the sleeping problems..)

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