Do I need to buy a smart phone for my Sec 1 or a normal phone will do? I am worried whether he will get addicted to games and texting.

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at times, teachers may get students to download apps such as socrative, kahoot using their smart phones or use the search engines for classroom activities. however, teachers are also reminded that it is not mandatory for all students to have smart phones, and there should be electronic devices available for students who don't hold a smart phone. I have students who own non-smartphones and they are more focus in school- not always distracted by the need to engage in games or excessive social media usage.

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It's really up to you. Obviously kids would prefer to have one due to peer pressure because his friends would probably have one. Maybe you can get the phone but limit his usage by getting one of those prepaid SIM cards? That way, if he finishes his data or sms limit for the month, he can't continue to use the phone. This will help your child learn to manage his time and in essence, money better.

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maybe you can ask her/ him what they want see as you can afford? Cos nowadays children are bring smartphone everywhere if he/her is ok for 2G is mean he/she is helping you to save money.. If he/her is asking for 4G phone now LG and OPPO is affordable price.