I have a 16 month old who still needs her nap every afternoon and we have just shifted in to our new flat two months ago. Our Neighbour has three older children (2-4 years old) and they run amok along the corridors screaming and shouting at least three times a day (even at 10pm on weeknights). I don't see the parents outside with the kids most of the time, and when the parents are out with them, they simply just stand there to use their phone and didn't bother if their kids were being physical with a younger child (my child included when they play together). Even with the door shut, kiddo sometimes wakes up to the din and wants to go out and play (yes, she's at the 'let's just play all the time stage' ). Given that we have just shifted in and don't want to be on bad terms with anyone, how do we highlight this 'making too much noise too often' situation without offending anyone? Tia!

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Perhaps during nap time you can shift her to a room further away, close the door and turn on the air con, hopefully this can help to minimize the noise? I think kids at this age (2-4) all behaves like that because they are more expressive and independent, give and take, it's part of the growing phase all child will go through. If it really happens too late in the night, perhaps can just go over and ask nicely if they can keep it down. Sometimes people don't realized the noise can travel so far.

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It's important to try to get along with your neighbours, so maybe the first thing to do is visit them and explain your dilemma in a friendly way. They may have no idea of your needs, and you may even build a stronger friendship with them out if it, which im sure would be great!

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I would suggest turning on the aircon or play some lullaby. Can't help as it's kids also. Our kids may behave like these when they are older

Why not try playing some white noise. That will help to cover up some of the noises by the neighbour kids.

How about trying to make friends with them first out of courteosy. Then from there highlight it.