I have a 1 year old and I work from home. My in-laws are coming for a few months and don't help out at all. how should I plan the day now

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I think, you can not do enough if they don't help. And your husband too would want his parents to have a good time at your place since they are coming for sometime and will go back. I think, the best you can do is, you give the baby in their lap to take care when you are working. I am sure this much they will do. Else you can tell them that you cannot hold the baby and work in the kitchen or make three meals so during the time you are working, they will have to look after the baby. Also, you can do quick fixes like; make lot of masala on a weekend so that it lasts a week, and whenever you have to make a dal or a vegetable, you just have to add the masala in the boiled dal. Early mornings when the baby is still sleeping, you can prepare lunch that time only, so that you again do not have to spend time in the kitchen. If it is a matter of few months I think you can manage it this way. Else you can keep a help for a few moths for chopping and cutting vegetables and little to do little nothings.

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if you haven't told them already, i think now is the time when you need to speak to your in-laws and tell them that you are working. mention it in a very casual way and also emphasize how busy it keeps you and how you now have a life on a daily planned routine. if they are not ready to help out and expect you to take care of all basic household needs, please set expectation clear from the start. you can of course hire a help from an agency for those few months, or better is to plan your time accordingly. also, when they arrive, do your bit as much as you can, without doing too much. speak to your hubby in advance and tell him that you would expect his support and help in this, and that he should also speak to them. the idea is that your in-laws should help out at least with handling the baby, if you are taking care of things in the kitchen while they are here. all the best.

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atleast it is already clear that your inlaws d not help out so there are no surprises there. You know your routine at the same time you know what extra will need to be done so you can set aside a specific time for your work and let your inlaws know that you will be pre-occupied at that time everyday. Your baby's schedule and routine should not be tampered with as far as possible. Speak with your husband to have additional hired help if need be. I am sure he will understand given that he knows how his parents are. You never know,you might be pleasantly surprised if they decide to help out with the baby atleast!

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