Had Sex during the ovulation period. And had spottings. Could i be pregnant?

I had my period. During ovulation period we had intercourse and i had spotting the very next day that lasted for 5 days. Could this be a sign of pregnancy? Plus my tummy seems to be bloated always n hardening after the spotting stops. Im TTC for my 2nd after having my first one who is 10 this year. Did pregnancy test last few days but its negative. My boobs seems fuller. Dont know if its my period coming again or otherwise.

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it's not common to spot immediately the next day after ovulation and I wouldn't take it as a sign of pregnancy. if you've spotted a few days before your period it could be implantation bleeding which can happen for some ladies. I would suggest testing after your missed period at least for the results to be more accurate. Pre period and pregnancy symptoms like breast soreness can be somewhat similar. All the best to your TTC journey!!

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