Implantation bleeding or period

Period was due to come on 15 Aug. For the past 2 days I had spotting. But it was red and not brown as people describe implantation bleeding to be like. Usually once I have spotting, the next day my menstrual flow will come. But the 2 days of spotting was just a one time thing and the rest of the day no spotting at all, just usual vaginal discharge. Should I test with a pregnancy kit or wait it out?

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My period was due on 1st January and that day I had period like blood - red and it was quite a fair bit that could stain a panty liner. initially I thought it was period but suddenly became spotting and lasted just 2days. so I thought It could be pregnancy also as I heard about implantation bleeding. I went to a clinic and did both urine and blood test 4 days later... The doctor told me I wasn't pregnant. but my period did not come as per normal and my breast started feeling sore. I finally tested on a pregnancy kit 2 weeks later and it turned out to be positive. I'll be delivering next month soon. I hope you get the result you are hoping for.

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It could be implantation bleeding because menstrual flow will be much heavier after day 1. I think you can test with a kit in 5-7 days when HCG levels are higher, now maybe still a bit early. 🙂

I experienced the same as well. Waited a week, then took a test with the pregnancy test kit. I hope you get the news you want to get! 😁

I would wait for at least another week