I had my last period last may 24, and i started taking pills on d same day.. But i discontinue taking pills at the middle of the pack. I took the last pills on june 4, and after 2 days i had my spotting that turns to bleeding like ordinary menstruation.i went to my ob and had my check up. She gave me provera to replace the hormones that my bodies need to regulate again my normal cycle and to stop d bleeding.. My ob said that ill wait for my next mens. I expect to have my period on the last week of june but still no period yet.. Then ill wait again till this July. Until one day i felt soreness of my breast and tenderness and i took PT this last sunday. And yes its positive.. But i dont know how many weeks i am pregnant now? Does anyone have any idea how many weeks i am conceiving now? Thank you.. ?

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Nagttake po kayo ng pills habang wala po kau mens?

5y ago

Ngstop n po.. Ngstart ako nung 1st dat ng mens ko may 24 hanggang june 4

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Check up na po