Daphne pills ( no menstrual period and uneasiness)

I gvea birth to my second child last May. Then last July I visited my OB and asked about a contraception which I could possibly use since I'm a breastdeeding mom. I haven't got my period back after giving birth so she asked me to take provera , and If I got my period, I could then take my dapnhe pill on the first day of my menstruation. I took the pill at the same time every day and haven't missed one. I'm already now at my second pack but haven't got my period yet.I often feel nauseous, tired and hungry and It makes me worried that I might be pregnant since I and my husband also had sexual contact. Are these normal side effects of pills? What to do to ease this discomfort?#advicepls #pleasehelp

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As said by my OB if you take daphne pills you may not have your mens but you can experience spotting or mensteuation in different dates monthly. If you wanna make sure take a pt then change to other contraceptives that can make you feel better. There is another options and its injectables.