Could I still have a chance of being pregnant?

Been on pills for many months now.. Eveyr month I would miss a pill or two and just have some spotting then it goes away (probably adjusting from the missed pill).. But this month, we had contact with my boyfriend on the day I missed mi first pill of a new pack of pill. Then started haviing many unusual symptoms a week after which are breast tenderness that lasted for 17 days along side with mild dull cramps, tiredness, dizziness, exhaustion.. I also had spotting for 5 days a week before my expected period.. During the week of my supposedly period I had spotting again and now have my period with period cramps and its been 1 day yet (still have 2 days to go for it to go away but will see when exactly it will stop) .. But my breast tenderness has totally disappeared.. Is it still possible to be pregnant even though I totally have no breast tenderness anymore? #pregnancy #implantation #symptoms #symptomsofpregnancy #pregant

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we can never tell. only you can answer otherwise uL not get an answer to ur question.

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mas mabuti sana mommy ung makapag pt na po kayo and makapagpa checkup.