Am I pregnant?

For almost 1 year & 2 months l used Pills as my protection. I had my last period July 31 but my pills for the month of July will be ended august 1. I started my new pills august 2 for that month. Sadly august 4 I refused to took my pills that day and I had sex with my husband that day. After that l remembered that l forgot to took my pills. Am I pregnant?? Please help me??

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PT or wait for menstruation..pag dka nag men's, Alam na.. blessing in the making na mamsh🤩

Less likely pero mag PT ka para sure. Medyo hindi ko din ma gets explanation mo sis.

Hi sis, try nyo po mag pt para mas sure po tayo

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Mag PT ka momsh para sure

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Pt lang sagot jan sis.

Pt ka po. Pra sure.

Mag pt po

Thank you guysss.. Its N


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PT lang makakapag indicate kung buntis ka so do take one.