Should i induce? In my week 39

I had bleeding in week 37 and heavy bleeding (more than day 1 menses) in week 38. Since week 37 i had been leaking fluid (i suspect is amniotic fluid but doc says ultrasound shows waterbag is still full) He suggests i induce, best is csect. But i really wanted to give birth naturally. Should i jus wait or listen to him? Since he says everything is normal could be fase labour.

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Super Mum

If you had leaking before, then it’s best to give birth sooner so that there’s a lower chance of infection that could make baby very sick. If you want vaginal delivery, then go for induction. I was in a lot of emotional pain seeing my first baby being whisked to ICU after delivery. She was stressed in my womb and pooped and inhaled some of it. So as much as we like natural things, safety comes first. Take care!

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