At which week did you give birth?

Mamas, at which week did you give birth? When is baby full term? Some says at 37 but some says best at 39 weeks to give birth. Advise please?

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First child, 37 weeks. Second child, 36 weeks because my cervix dilated very fast. I was admitted at 36 weeks due to pain and when checked it's 1cm only but after a few hours jumped to 4cm then suddenly 7cm. Way too fast

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I gave birth at 40 weeks sharp, right on her EDD. Got admitted 1 night before and she was delivered via emergency c-sect the next morning. 37 weeks is considered full term for non-multiple babies in the womb.

First child @ 36weeks++ Second child @ 38Weeks++ 36 weeks is already 9months , so if you gave birth at 36 weeks should be nothing wrong .

the baby terms at 37 weeks onwards. so, it safe deliver starting from weeks 37 . if below than 37 weeks, thats normally pre mature baby.

37 is full term already so it is definitely safe to give birth at that week. I gave birth at 36 & 37 wks exactly. All born healthy.

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39 weeks + 3 days. Waterbag burst in the afternoon. But gave birth the next day at 6.30am!


I gave birth at 36 weeks. doctor recommended is after 37 weeks I got no choice.

40+1 .. let baby come out when baby wants to unless too long inside then induce

My first - 37 weeks Second - 34 weeks They are doing very well

Water bag burst on EDD (40wks) itself! Baby born on next day :)