Induce at week 37

By next week (Tuesday), I will be in week 37. Has anyone went through induce? This is my second pregnancy. Previously, I gave birth at week 37 because my cervix has started to dilate at week 36 and I was considered to be in active labor due to my contractions. My waterbag didn't burst though, the doctor popped it during midnight and I gave birth in the morning around 8am. Next week, I don't know what's going to happen. I told the doctor that I want to give birth at week 37 and she told me that is possible as by week 37, it is considered to be full term plus I did a 2 jabs of steroids at week 34 to mature the lungs faster. Other than popping the waterbag, are there any other way that the hospital will do to make the baby come out? I'm curious.

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They put a pill down there to soften your cervix before popping yr waterbag