6 weeks pregnant

hello, i just got back from a&e, as today afternoon i found out i was bleeding like brown spotting then at night it became fresh red blood it was just spotting but im still worried.. doctor said that my cervix is closed just vaginal bleeding. she advised me to take a medication called ( dydrogesterone ) twice a day, to support my pregnancy. & also said that is normal for me to spot during my 1st trimester. checked baby heart beat, everything is ok but my worries is just once i reach home i ate & ate the medication that doctor advised me to take, my spotting got worsen is not spotting anymore but is also not flowing like period should i be concerned ? and go back to a&e again ? as i only had 1 child & i have never go through this situation before. i took folic acid every morning & also pregnancy vitamin every night too , although i don’t drink a lot of water but i still do. what should i do to prevent M if possible ? or what can i do to have a healthy pregnancy now ? is there any mummies who has gone through what im going though now or has eaten the same medication i having right now ? i just need somemore advises & reassurance for my heart to feel calm & stress / worried free … how long does it takes for the bleeding to stop while taking the medication & folic acid ?? any mummies know ? 😭 #advicepls #seconbaby #6weeks

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When I was in my first trimester (I can’t remember which week) , I was preparing for work and somehow I felt dripping and then I notice blood on my floor and I sense something wasn’t right.. i was devastated and kept telling my family “it’s gone it’s gone… “ I did not feel any cramp or pain just bleeding and have never experienced before .. So I just waited for my sister(she experienced the same before and was very calm and told me nothing will happen) to send me to hospital .. the doctor checked for heart beat first , and baby heart beat was still there .. then they check for active bleeding.. thankfully mine stop which probably is due to the a cyst or something and I was also given an injection on my butt as well as given duphaston.. and anyway I was ordered to bed rest and not carry any heavy stuff.. And I am my 3rd trimester now! Sending positivity to you!

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