Is it normal to bleed during early pregnancy?

I did a check last sunday and found out this. It is a positive rite? But since monday i have been having cramps like those menstrual cramps but not so severe. I do notice some brown spotting as well.. but the next day, i was bleeding the whole of my pantiliner was soaked with blood just like menses blood. I am worried. Am i pregnant or false alarm? Anyone experience bleeding like me before?

Is it normal to bleed during early pregnancy?
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Same as me. Somemore in between I got go for vaccine. I faster book same day appointment with my regular gyne. When got a scan. After scan confirm pregnancy also give medicine to keep firm for the pregnancy as bleeding might a symptom of miscarriage. My gyne claim this problem is not cause by vaccine. As this symptoms will happen to some mummy in early pregnancy.

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9mo ago

Just follow what gyne advise. Also take note on the bleeding part. I do keep stay in bed end up backache. 🤭🤭

pls get yourself checked! i was positive at wk4 and had bleeding like menses kind of red blood and clot. found out it could be frm cervical polyps. suspected ectopic but did blood test and confirmed not ectopic.

9mo ago

thank you so much..

It might be a chemical pregnancy. Happened to me at about week 6-7 before I could see a Gynae to confirm the pregnancy. Do get it checked by a doctor!

9mo ago

yes.. mine is roughly 7 wks too.

It happened to me once. I was tested positive when I missed my period & then menses came 1’week later. It’s a chemical pregnancy .

9mo ago

oh dear.. then do you have to do anything to clear the miscarriage. any procedure done?

How long have you missed your period? Bleeding is not normal when you're pregnant especially when it's soaking the whole pantyliner.

9mo ago

i have missed for more than a month.

Hello Mummy! It's best to visit your gynae so he/she can do a scan. Hoping for the best and take care!

If it’s fresh red blood, please go and see a gynae or A&E. Not normal to be bleeding like this.

Please get checked asap. The gynae can do a scan to help find the source of the problem

Heavy bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage please visit gynae asap! Best of luck.

If your pantyliner is soaked like menses blood, pls see a gynae. It’s not normal.