I am going to start solids for my baby in two months time. Would like to hear what types of solids you give to your babies(if you give ready-made solids, kindly share the recommended brands) , how often per day, Is it better to make a lot at one go and freeze some or it is better to make fresh ones every two or three days? Is a baby food maker really necessary? Also appreciate if you can share the schedules for solids and milk feedings. Thank you in advance!

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Begin with giving mashed/grated fruits, lentils, pulses. Do not give grains till the time your baby turns one, as it is difficult for them to digest gains as little babies do not have enzymes that help in the digestion of grains. Though, it is easy to prepare the food and freeze it but I guess, you should make fresh and always feed fresh food as much as possible. Since, the quantity that you make for the baby would be less if you plan to make it fresh each time, I suggest, you can use a blender to blend the fruits, pulses or any food item. You can feed the baby in during lunch time, in the evenings and at dinner.

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