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What age was your child when you first brought him to the cinema? Will it be too loud / stimulating for a baby?

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I brought my son to the cinema when he was 20 months old, we went to a child-friendly screening called Movies with the Little Ones under Shaw - they have dimmed lighting and lowered volumes, but the movies aren't the latest ones. I think it very much depends on how your LO reacts to sound and shows, as well as whether your main goal is for your child to enjoy a movie or for you to watch a movie :) My son was comfortable with the screening, but we left 20 minutes into the movie (Despicable Me 3) because he couldn't stand the characters yelling at each other - his final straw was when the characters skydived and he just wailed because he didn't really understand the concept of "it's just a show" yet at that time 😅

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My boy is 14mths now. have not yet bring him to movie. I think it might be too loud and the screen might be too bright for young children in dark environment.

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6mo. she sleep thru the movie.

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8 months old. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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2 years old :)