hi.. i just gave birth 3 months ago.. wanna ask, if having sex and shot in, will still fall pregnant? im breastfeeding and think menses not yet back.. thanks..

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Although some say that breastfeeding and menses not back is safe, its not 100% safe. Ive heard of cases where the mummy got pregnant. So best to play safe and use a condom. Shd monitor and take a pregnancy test 2 to 3 wks after to confirm.

6y ago

if breastfeeding no menses is normal if shot in maybe have preggy possible.

There is no estimate of percentage. There is always chance because it is not foolproof method of breastfeeding or X months. Just test 2-3 wks later - best to test at 3 wks in case u miss it and u really are pregnant

There are chances of pregnancy even if menses is Not bad. Just like we won't know the chances of getting pregnant previously, now it is also difficult to tell u any percentage

I had sex too..after my menses..i tink 2 weeks later..im breastfeeding too..i am not sure but i think better to check

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Yes possible..one of my friends got pregnant and she was unaware because she didn't have her periods right after the birth

I would not rule out the possibility of being able to get pregnant. I suggest for you to test 3 weeks later.

yups possible.. even u breastfeeding.. as i got pregnant after 1month birth n did breastfeeding

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It is possible to get pregnant after giving birth - with or without period coming back!

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Yes it’s possible. Even if no menses yet, u can still ovaluate while breastfeeding.

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there's chance even if menses not back yet as after birth period is also fertile period

6y ago

oh no.. am scare now.. so how many % will fall pregnant?