I am a frontliner and a breastfeeding mom. But since the ECQ in my town and in my province started, i wasnt able to come home and opted to stay at a place near my workplace so as to not possibly bring the virus to my family. At the first 2 days of not latching on, i had a terrible breast engorgement. So terrible that even manual expression doesn't help (it was a sudden lockdown that i left my breastpump at home). And it is the 5th day, and i feel (and presume) that my breastmilk has decreased in quantity... ? i am worried that after the ECQ, I will not be able to produce milk for my LO. my questions are: 1) will i be able to produce breastmilk again if i latched LO, let say after 1 -2 months? 2) do you have any suggestions to enhance/maintain my milk production while im not currently breastfeeding? I really want my LO to be breastfed until the time she dont want me to, anymore. Thank you in advance, mga mamsh!

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Continue direct latch once you're back mommy and tiyaga lang. Magpump ka din regularly kahit ung silicone pump like haama to catch let downs para iwas engorgement. For maintaining milk supply, you may opt to try some lactation treats from milkingbombs by AC and galactobombs on instagram, drink mother nurture choco/coffee mixes and take megamalunggay. It has vitamin c also! Moreso, hydrate! Inom lang lagi madami water and trust your body and baby! ❤️

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If you're here in Metro Manila, they still deliver through grab or lalamove 😊