i find myself getting more tired each day and irritable too. i end up yelling at my 4 year old and feel like sleeping the entire day. what is wrong with me? does this happen to any of you too?

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sometimes, when my husband or i am too tired, we decide to take a mid-week break right here in the city. we take a break from work and home, and check in to a hotel in teh city itself. the best part is that we get to pamper ourselves with room service and so on, and have to do nothing, and the only thing we do is rest and talk and have a lot of fun.

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please speak to your doctor as it is possible that you may need some supplements. with age, our hormones go haywire and we also need additional supplements because the food we have may not be able to give us all of what we need. calcium and iron supplements should be taken regularly. taking a break is also a good idea :)

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i am sure it is because you are exhausting yourself too much and not getting enough rest. why don't you give yourself a break and take a small weekend vacation somewhere? this could be a great way to recharge your batteries while teh entire family gets to be together and have fun too!