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Hello I’m currently 8.5 weeks and I’ve been sleeping a lot these days. I sleep for about 7-9hours during the night, and an additional 2-4 hours (sometimes 1 nap, sometimes 2 naps) during the day. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now. Is there anything to worry about sleeping too much? I just feel so so so tired all the time so I allow myself to sleep anytime fatigue hits. I know fatigue is part of early pregnancy, but does anyone else sleep 10-13 hours a day in total..?? I’m worried as it feels too much

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Me too. I’m almost 8 weeks. My surge of energy will be from 5am till about 7am.. after which I feel like I’ve just completed a marathon! I’ll nap like nobody’s business.. Worst.. it’s affecting my work. Coz I am just too lethargic. Planning to take a break from work till end of my first trimester..

yup, when I was in my first trimester, I was constantly tired too. I even needed to take naps (though I'm not a nap person). but once u cross into second tri, your energy level will pick up. I'm enjoying the second tri immensely! look forward 😉

10-13 hrs isn't a lot! I could wake up at 11am, go back to nap from 2-6 after lunch and wake up for dinner before crashing on bed again at 11pm during my first trimester! Currently at 14 weeks and feeling much less fatigued.

I slept alot during my first trimester as well.. not someone who falls asleep on couch.. I often find myself dozing off.. 2nd trimester got better.. rest as much as your schedule and time allows.. 😊

it's normal. even before I got pregnant I was sleeping that much 🤣 body needs rest and fatigue may be overwhelming. rest when you can! jy mummy!

Yes me too! Tends to slp a lot in 1st trimester. Woke @ 10am and my nap could be from 12-5pm. Just sleep when u’re tired! No worries!

10-13 hours honestly isn't much haha, I slept the whole day when I was pregnant, total about 16-20hrs?

sleep only.. wait till u 2nd or 3rd trimesters. u will find it hard to sleep. baby keep kicking😅

nope :) not too much:) pls listen to your body

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normal, just sleep whenever you feel tired