I feel sad. I want to delay putting my lo in childcare as much as possible. I want her to have a free childhood. But me and my husband are both working. Being a sahm mom is not an option because of financial issues. My mom who is her current caretaker when I'm at work told me that she wants me to send my kid to childcare asap. If not, find a babysitter elsewhere. I don't understand why she can't wait a few more months. The way she talks about my lo is like she's a burden. We give her the same amount of money she earns when she was working, for taking care of my lo. And we don't even ask her to do anything (house chores Etc) or buy anything. Just to take care of lo. I feel so guilty. I feel like I'm robbing my child of a carefree childhood. She has to start school so early (my mom asked me to put her in childcare at 18 mths) and won't stop till she starts working in adulthood. I just wish I can become a sahm and look after her myself. I teared looking at her after I pat her to sleep. If any of you have any positive words to share, please do. I need them right now.

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I'm a SAHM and I suggest you to apply 1 week leave to stay at home and experience what your mum is going through, without your mum's help because you really need to experience yourself. It's really not easy, I believe she has her own difficulties if not getting the same amount of money and stay home look after own grandchild who doesn't want right? For my case is my MIL doesn't want to help take care, she wants her freedom so I lost mine along with my job. And she is those kind that totally don't want to help, ask for her to help need to face a lot of sarcasms so I can't wait to put my child in childcare at 18 months. If not I'm going to lose my sanity. I have a helper to do housework and I'm only taking care of baby also cannot tahan. 24/7 face the baby really will go crazy. So don't feel bad mummy. They go to preschool to learn things and build social skills. They'll still have very happy childhood. I totally don't feel bad about letting her go school. I still get to spend 1/3 of her day together with her, remember quality time not quantity. I hope you feel better now. P.S. I am not a bad Mom. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

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