i feel like i'm sinking into depression after giving birth... pregnancy was tough, high risk, hosp visits every 2 weeks, i was working ft and had a pt job, my husband didnt contribute much towards my appointments/ preparing for baby... he didnt even give me money for expenses. he MIA 2 weeks after i gave birth, came back home with tattoo, caught him cheating on me thrice as of now. want to divorce but he owes me $10k but fat hope of getting my money back lol. now he will call me "fucking dog" he likes to play victim. tells me he doesnt care about me. i wanted to kiss baby and he pulled and twisted my wrist that is already hurting from carrying baby a lot. punched my arms too. i hate him to the core. finding strength to walk away from this relationship.

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Pls go to your family for help and support. Leave this kind of guy. He don’t deserve to hv u or the baby. He doesn’t even know the blessing he has gotten. Focus on yourself and the baby pls. Thats what i do most of the time. Each time i feel sad with emotions or depressed and cries each night, i hold my baby and look at her and says that i will try my very best never to gv up on her at least and will do my best for her and her future. I hope u can try to do the same. Pls take cre of yourself. Your baby needs u. *hugs*

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Hotline is available 24 hours to report domestic abuse: 1800 777 0000. Dont lose yourself over someone who is hurt themselves. Jiayou. Seek the help you need.