Buay tahan in-laws.....

I feel my FIL is jealous that my baby is clingy to me. He said infront of me 'aiya mummy number 1 la mummy baobei la' There is one time I was trying to open the high chair with one hand, another hand carrying baby he would come over and offer to carry my baby. Same thing happened when I was making milk. I was wondering why dont he help me to do it then?? He would always bring my baby to his room and play behind closed doors. Whenever my baby crawl from living room to my room and look for me he would carry her away. Why the hell would he stop my child from looking for her mother? Is he mentally pervert? Told my husband and he only had one thing to say 'aiya they old alr la just let them be' I seriously think they dont respect me and I dont even wanna respect them. What would you do? Tahan until you get your own place?

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Actually I think your fil is just trying to bond with baby. Given a choice of helping with chores or helping to carry baby, I guess helping to carry baby would be the preferred choice. Good that he even bother to offer help, otherwise you would have to put baby down anyway. No matter how long others take care of baby, baby will still stick to mum. So i think it is just a remark. No need to be too affected. My pil take care of baby while I am working. Even so they still come over sometimes on weekend to play with baby. While I feel that that's my time with baby and abit annoyed that they eat into my bonding time with baby, I do feel happy that they truly love n care for baby. Anyway baby is not affected and still stick to me so no harm letting grandparents play with baby more often

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