I experienced spotting for my 1st pregnancy before it got miscarriage..and now for my 2nd pregnancy the spotting is happening again..will it miscarriage again?what can i do to help it?

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Same.. my 1st pregnancy now, having spotting. Yesterday, doctor gave duphaston and injection. Bila i jalan laju sikit, sometimes keluar spotting. Tak kan nak baring jer. And doctor scan semalam my baby 6weeks, but size to small tak sama dgn weeks. Next week jumpa doktor lagi. Doktor ckp if janin tak membesar, meaning tak jadi lah. Pray for me and my baby.

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sama mcm sy sis. spotting then to heavy bleeding. gugur😫. then nw 2nd pregnancy, at 6wks sakit² bwh pinggang. then, when i went pee, i saw a very small lendir in pink. btw, hope our pregnancy will everything going smooth..just hope for the best. rehat byk² n jgn buat kerja berat². apapapun, always refer to your doc😊

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3y ago

semoga d permudahkn segala urusan kita sis. πŸ™

Pergi klinik. Nanti doktor akan bagi duphaston. Ubat kuat rahim

4y ago

1st pregnancy consumed 1 tblt,on the same day,5hours then miscarriage..phobia..πŸ˜…

Go to clinic.. Ask Doctor.