1st pregnancy 2nd trimester

i am down with bad coughing and flu but no fever can i eat medicine for flu n cough?

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I was down with sore throat and bad sinus when I was in my 2nd trimester too. couldn't sleep well for almost a month. my gynea said not to take any medication as long as I can still bear with it as the medication is not good for the developing fetus.

On my 2nd trimester i was admitted to hospital due to cough, flu n high fever. But the doctor only prescribed me with panadol. U can try to drink honey n lemon water for cough n flu but moderately ya. Hope u get well soon 😊

I have the same issue in 2nd trimester.. Nurses tell me not to tk medi if its not worst.. Bcoz the medi makes mommy feel sleepy.. And not good for baby if mommy sleep too much..

nak makan ubat kene refer doc sis

consult doctor please