TERKEJUT . Faint line in 4-7 days after make love

I done DnC on last month 29th on my 12weeks .. after few days I got check my hcg level by home pregnancy test .. but there is no more line .. just 1 clear line only .. I make love on 11 May and 14 May . Today 18 May , I feel sharp pain on my lower part and back pain also .. so i decide to take pregnancy test .. I can see 2 line .. but another one is not to clear .. but I’m very sure there gt another line .. is it possiable ? Anyone got facing same like me before this ?

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Tulis jawapan

Mine was a faint line that barely cant see. It was 2 weeks after i had sex and after my "first period" and roughly 1month after my complete miscarriage which was around 4-6weeks. Now i have a healthy 3weeks old baby boy. If u not sure maybe try getting clearblue digital pregnancy test.it will tell u if u are pregnant and roughly how many weeks.scan best be done at 8weeks and above. I too did check after my miscarriage and the pt was negative then after my period i check again and it was a faint line.better u start eating folic acid.

Baca lagi
5y ago

Thanks mommy for the reply and sharing ... I’m happy for you .. yes I’m still taking folic acid and vitamin b complex .. just now also I try upt, it’s now going abt dark from last 2 days before .. hope I have good news .. but I’m curious that is it possiable can increase hcg level in 7-10 days after make love ..