I just delivered, can i mix my breastmilk with formula for my 18mo #1?

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You can mix feed, but NOT in the same bottle! Meaning, give your LO the BM first - then make formula separately if it's not enough. Do not use breast milk as water or mix the two in a bottle!

2y ago

Any reason why other than afraid of wasting bm?

Yes you can. But i will give BM first then not enough i top up with FM. I don't want to waste the BM if my elder doesnt finish the milk!

It’s best not to mix. U feed ur breastmilk first, if it’s insufficient then feed formula milk.

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If you have sufficient supply of BM you should continue and not mix. BM is still best.

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Yes you can! If you have an oversupply for your #1 to drink why not!

5y ago

So treat breastmilk as "plain water" and add the number of scoops of formula?

Can buy best to just have breastmil

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Yes .. n congrats on ur new journey

Best not to mix but it’s ok!

Better not mix


Yes why not!