No Appetite To Eat During First Trimester

I am currently at week 10 of my pregnancy. No morning sickness and no vomitting. However, i had no appettite to eat and felt bloated on evening. How can i make my appetite become better?

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Super Mum

Eat small and frequent meals. Don’t need to force urself. Eat those things that u like . Your appetite will improve naturally in trimester 2

Same as me on my first trimester. When I reached 2nd trimester it comes back. Now I am on my 3rd trimester my appetite is on/off.

Try eat biscuits or fruits. drink juices as well. It is normal 1st trimester to feel that way. Good that no vomitting though.

I think really have to trial and error on the different kinds of food that will appeal to you.

Super Mum

Maybe cos of the water retention , no appetite. But u still need to eat nutritious food

VIP Member

it will always happen on first trimester. your appetite will improve by 2nd trimester

Ok.. Thank you so much for the suggestion

VIP Member

Maybe drink more soup