No appetite and still nauseous at week 21

I am already in my 2nd trimester and yet I still have no appetite to eat most of the food. Though no vomiting, I feel nauseous almost on a daily basis, especially towards the evening. Have been having diclectin but it doesn't eradicate the nausea. What to do?

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Sour plums was my best friend! I had “morning” sickness all day long for 36 weeks! Diclectin or whatever anti-nausea medicine doesn’t help at all but eating sour plums and sweet or drink whatever that is sour really helps me! 😊

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Ginger reduces nausea- buy a ginger root. Slice it, drop it in a pot of boiling water. Drop a few slices of it into a coffee mug and pour hot water over it

lemon water helped my neasea all the best sis