What does baby movements feel like?

I am currently 16wks. Sometimes i feel wriggle or tinkling sensation but not like kicks or big movements. Is that baby movements?

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At 20 weeks I can feel my baby sometimes somersaulting inside. Like total change of position. Previously was more like pokes and kicks

At 26 week, I can feel him moving around... like his is twisting and turning 🙄🙄 Or kicking/boxing my tummy😅

Yes, it's baby movement at one place. Do concult with gynecologist further.

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They will get intense after around 6 months. Lovely feeling. Enjoy it

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In a few weeks time ull feel more obvious movements!

Mine felt like butterflies in my stomach.

Yes it’s like bubble popping

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It feels like bubble popping !

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bubble popping feeling

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Felt like gas to me