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Can I check which brand of fish oil is good for pregnant mummy to take.. Currently I'm taking from gynae and is quite pricey.

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There's alot brand in the market but most importantly you gotta find a safe brand. Why? Nowadays you know the sea too polluted right? Next, avoid fish oil made from cod liver as it has vit A. Overdoses on vit A is toxicity. You can try this brand, it's pharmaceutical grade and has potency guarantee with founder signature on it. The DHA and EPA is also high so its worth the $. You need sufficient DHA & EPA is the brain, eye development for your bb and yourself to prevent depression after birth. Buy online you get 10% off.

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I also find fish oil quite pricy.. End up I went to carousell to buy from previous mama who stopped taking that supplement =) saved quite abit

GNC fish oil, u can buy from kkh pharmacy at $22.80 for 60 capsule

Gynae's supplies are always exp. Blackmores is good

Mine is natalcare plus... got it from kkh.

5y ago

thank you

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I’m taking GNC and/or blackmore

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mine is GNC, gotten from kkh

5y ago

thank you


Was given neurogain

I took Blackmores..

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GNC or shaklee