Detailed Scan ??

I cant wait for my detailed scan on 15th which is 20th week. Mommies out there pls share your experiences, eagerly to wants to know since its my 1st pregnancy.

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Did on my 24th week. Just had my lunch before the scan. Baby kept opening n closing her mouth as she was tasting the food, saw her kept yawning too. Her hands and legs blocked her face, so doc kept pressing my belly and pushing left and right to make baby's hands and legs moved away, but unsuccessful 😅😅 Anyhow she's healthy, and this is my first pregnancy 😍😍

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i went to take my detail scan ehen i was 24th weeks, and everything was was sooo detail.The doc explain to us one by one,from kidney, spinal cord, heart, brain,hands,legs, size of baby,size of head, and all the measurements...

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its a great experience! will show u the heartbeat..and if you lucky..u can see the movement of the baby directly...u must not realize that the tears appear in your eyes..

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i did tears when i hear my baby heartbeat for 1st time..

i do my detail scan + 3D/4D/5D on 28 weeks..i can see the baby movement and their face..

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I did my detailed scan on my 18 weeks!🥰