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May i ask do you guys have frequent urine problems? Like every 20 mins need to go pee, from second trimester maybe? Or all the way?

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Yes! Because your uterus is pressing on your bladder that's why. Trick is, drink lots of fluid in the day but drink lesser or don't drink before you go to sleep. You'll have a better sleep w/o waking up to pee at night

Third trimester every 30 - 45 mins once, so tiring especially at night get off the bed

yes I wake up 3 times a night to pee esp when I drink a lot of water before I sleep...

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Yes all the way into final trimester until delivery. Problem got worsen in the night

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Yes, on my first trimester every 3-4hrs, now on my 2nd trimester every 2hrs..😂

mine is like every 20mins but i still don't feel my bladder is drain

Yes throughout my pregnancy I have blood in urine till now at 33 weeks

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Hi mummy! I have blood in my urine too but I guess it came from my kidney since I have kidney stones before I even got pregnant. Did your gynae tell you anything about it?

Yes, very frequently especially in 3rd trimester

Yes actually from the start of the pregnancy

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Yes, in third trimester