Frequent urine on 3rd trimester

How frequent do you pee during 3rd trimester? I'm constantly having the urge to pee, like every hour during day time, n waking up 3 times a night to urine. Is this normal? Or I'm having UTI ? I have history of UTI before

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Am at 32 wks going on 33 soon. Thank goodness i only wake up once in the night to pee..


that’s perfectly normal! you can get your gynae to check for UTI in your next consultation.

to me is normal, 34 weeks now waking up almost every hour at night 🤪

11mo ago

every hour @@ ok.. I shall mentally prepare myself first

Hello Mummy, try Kegels and sleep on your left.


normal, I keep waking up too

Yes perfectly normal . 😉


yes normal