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Hello mummies just to ask if it’s normal to pee Soo frequent as I’m currently at 11 weeks 🤰 Within 30 min I can pee like 3-4 times .

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Yes it’s normal.. you might feel going to toilet more frequent at later stage (it could also depend on individual) but realised there’s no urine when your baby get bigger.. This is because of ur uterus is pressing on bladder..

Welcome to the pregnant life! 😂 Am in my third trimester now and I’m also peeing like crazy. Husband calls me “the pee girl” now. 😂 Hang in there!

Yes Mummy that is definitely normal. Your uterus is starting to press on your bladder that is why you have to pee more often.

It happened to me too! But the first two trimester was more frequent. In my third trimester it actually got better..

Yup totally normal! Worse in the 3rd trimester you'll feel like want to sleep in the toilet 🤭

Yes normal. I think all pregnant women could pee on demand 😂

Try to bend over after peeing to fully empty bladder!

absolutely normal!

absolutely normal