Frequent urine

Hi fellow mummies! I've heard that frequent urinating happens in 1st trimester (due to hormone changes) and 3rd trimester (as baby is pressing onto bladder), but is it also common in 2nd trimester as well? #pregnancy #1stimemom

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Yes same for me. Currently in 2nd trimester as well and I’ve been waking up at least 2-3 times to pee 🥲

I’m a first time mum and is in my 2nd trimester too! Yup, i still pee frequently.

yes for 2nd trimester. my wife always say baby kicking my bladder. hehe

For me in 2nd tri yes. Now 3rd tri not as bad

throughout the pregnancy for me 😂

Im still experiencing at week 16😓

Not really for me at 2nd trimester

throughout whole pregnancy