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Hey everyone I am 16dpo now with slight sore boobs. Like sometimes got pain sometimes don't have... Also frequent urine.... But when to take urine test at clinic but it's negative... I wonder why...

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U can actually still wait till your period is late to take another pregnancy test if you want to be sure. The PMS and pregnancy symptoms are overlapping. Tbh, for both my pregnancies I only felt fatigue and cramps and didn’t thought I was pregnant. For other times I thought I was pregnant and had all the other pregnancy symptoms, I wasn’t pregnant. Haha Life happens in ways you least expect but it’s all good in God’s timing.

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Could be because of the hormones imbalance. For what I know it’s totally normal. And the symptoms are quite the same

1mo ago

But I have been getting my period regularly for an year already..

Its the hormones. If by 16dpo negative usually means negative. I took preg test at 12 dpo can alr see result.

3w ago

Yup. If it’s negative, trust that it’s really negative and try again next month. It happened to me too