I am BF and going back to work in next few weeks. Any recommendation on pumping at work?

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Do you have a designated pumping room/spare meeting room? If not, just pump at your desk with a nursing cover! Don't ever resort to pumping in the ladies. I highly recommend the Freemie, which allows you to slip the cups in your bra and pump right at your desk, discreetly. My friends who own the Freemie cups say that they have even pumped in trains before and nobody noticed. You can also make a sign to place at your desk to let your colleagues know when you'll be pumping.

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3y ago

Is it silent? This freemie pump. How much does it cost?

You can try to check with your employer/company if there is any meeting room can be used for pumping. If there is no room for pumping, you can use the method as suggested by the mummy above.