Hi, does any mummy continue to breastfeed without pumping at work? How do you keep up with the supply especially during weekends and how old is your kid when you stopped pumping at work? My kid is 2+.

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I do read up on article before where Mommies do not pump in the day but latch at night and weekend. According to them, their bodies did adjust accordingly to provide enough milk for the children during the night and weekend. I am going to do the same for my 14 months old baby when she is going to childcare at 18 months.

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i used to do that on two of my children. i do not pump during day time but i latched on when i come home and throughout the night and weekends, the body will adjust accordingly. one of them until 2+, and the other is 1 yr now and still bf.

Please continue pumping, keeping a healthy diet, hydrated and also adequate rest. These are all very important. If baby don't latch, you need to pump. Stop pumping or latching means you are telling your body to stop.

It's all about supply and demand. No pump no milk. So if you want to continue to breastfeed (i'm assuming morning and night only), but not pump, do expect your supply to drop during the daytime.

Your kid goes to work with you?

5y ago

No. Supply has dropped drastically during pump at work. So thought might as well stop pumping but continue to latch at home. But just concerned about child's needs for milk during daytime in weekends.