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Hi! I am 6 weeks pregnant and wonder when I should start drinking milk? I don't have that habit but I heard it is good to do that. What type / brand of milk should I have? I've a weak constitution so I'd like to boost my nutritional intake. Thank you!

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im in my week 10, im not a milk drinker too. gynae didnt advise me to drink maternal milk, but i know it has folic content and other nutrients that i may have missed out on when i take my usual meals or i may not have appetite for meals. during one of my a&e visits due to spotting issues, i have told the gynae that im drinking maternal milk, she told me it's fine to drink. i tried similac mum and i find that i dont like the texture and taste. i still prefer frisomum gold as its easily dissolve in water and better milk taste.

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I used to drink it once a week starting second trimester, but stop it ever since I was diagnosed with GD in 3rd trimester. You can in fact request for some samples from the brand and see which is of your liking. I personally prefer similac original.

My gynae was so against of me drinking maternal milk during pregnancy. She said it’s full of synthetic ingredients and high in sugar. Just drink fresh milk if you like and take supplements is good enough.

2mo ago

Thank you for the information!

I drink Anlene milk and Meiji Low Fat pasteurised fresh milk almost everyday instead of materna milk. Gynae say ok to drink adult milk. materna milk is high in sugar

I personally have been taking Similac for Materna and drink it everyday as soon as I am pregnant in the early stage. I drink it hot/cold and once/twice a day.

2mo ago

Thank you so much for your willing sharing! ☺

I have GD, so can't take maternal milk cause it's too high in sugar. I take magnolia High Cal Low Fat fresh milk

Anytime you want. I drank marigold low fat milk. If you drink materna milk, do take note of the sugar in it ya! :)

I drank hi-calcium sugar free soy milk with omega 3 (nutrisoy). Baby born full term, I had no GD, all good.

Sorry may I know is it recommended to take milk during pregnancy? My gynae didnt say anything much

2mo ago

Thank you for recommendation

Careful with maternal milk. They are high in sugar and can trigger gestational diabetes.