Blood at 4 weeks preggy

I am 4weeks into being preggers now. Just 1 hour ago, i came back from work & peed and some 2drops of brown blood followed , then i put on my panty & it stains as picture. Now im having panty liner and i have few more, but no painful cramps like menstruation, just tiny pain at lower abdomen. just generally, i feel emotional, and really just want to cry all the time right now. Please advise if this is normal. As this is my 1st pregnancy experience

Blood at 4 weeks preggy
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hi everyone who has followed my journey since 4th week suspected of implantation bleeding , but thankfully my gynae followed up closely and after 4 blood test & 2 vagina scans over the 5th week, it is confirmed that there is nothing in my uterus though it is very thick. I have ectopic pregnancy (meaning the fertilization happen outside my uterus, in the tube), and just 3days ago I was admitted and I follow through the procedure to end this pregnancy (because there is no way to extract the fertilised egg in tube). it is a painful experience altogether but I am very grateful I am given the chance to take a jab meant to kill the growing follicle (or zygote) because the size is still small, before it rupture anywer in my tube (and if it does, I can die from it). I am monitored right now as the jab is not an immediate cure to kill the growth, in case of severe pain or extreme bleeding. if any of that happen I will have to go for surgery to remove the tube along with the follicle in it, otherwise If the jab is a success, my HCG level will be going down all the way to zero (means no more pregnancy/growing thing in me). please pray for this jab to work everyone so I dont need to be operated, thank you everyone 🙏❤

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Any form of bleeding/spotting during pregnancy is not normal. Please see a doctor. But is yours implantation bleeding? Did you just find out you are pregnant?

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i texted my gynae klinik, and they ask to monitor today whole day and afternoon dosage was 4 tablet of Duphaston 10mg. anyway, i was stil spotting ard 5pm, and so I am scheduled to see doc by tomorrow, 8am. please pray all good things for me , im so worried actually

Please see a doctor immediately ! Cannot predict as implantation spotting/bleeding. Spotting/bleeding in early pregnancy is not normal

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yes, will do. thank you so much & appreciate your support/prayers.

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sy pon mcm expect sy period but 1 ari je gini....hari kedua dh xde kua apa²