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I am 22yr old female who is currently pregnant and really considering giving the baby up for adoption. Neither myself nor my husband is ready to have another baby and abortion poses an ethical issue for us. We already have a pair Has anyone here given up their baby for adoption? What is the process like? Would I get to sit down and interview the potential adoptive parents before I give up the baby to them?  I've tried to do my own research on this but unfortunately and to my frustration, information is really lacking for women like me who is looking to give up my baby for adoption. I prefer not to approach any agencies first as I really would love to be in a neutral position when I make my final decision. Just afraid that when I go to agencies my opinion may be biased. So, I would really appreciate it if anyone can share with me their story on giving their baby up for adoption. Thank you very much.

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there is 2 way options . thru MSF Ur own families / relatives . thru MSF , MSF already have range of temporary or permanent foster or adopted parents but they are mutual agreements by law between 3 parties ,if the kid grow up and touch wood got some trouble with the law , decide not go back foster / adoptive parents house , may end up in institutional home till 21 . just to share . I went thru teenage pregnancy n unwillingly need to gave my child away due to my age and incapability at that point of time . I choose my maternal aunt instead of binding with the law ... I know if I were to choose MSF , there is definitely no turning back .. I have not been taking her back regularly eventough she in my aunt care .. now she is 11 year old ... I am not saying that putting adoption with MSF is a good option .. You really need to have lots of mental strength to handle it in times of future .. u can't access to meet, visit , call at Ur own convenience .. u need to go thru the officer in charge first before anything . adoptive parents will also need to go thru pre adoption briefing , submitting all necessary documents to juvenile court . MSF will conduct a thorough process about 3-6 months or maybe longer . once finalized agreement then adoptive parents takeover . the whole process might take more then a year depending on case basis .

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