Travelling during 1st trimester

I am 10 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to travel? Because I have an emergency and have to travel anyhow. Please share your experience travelling during 1st trimester.

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Just now i went to kk and asked the doc about flying during early pregnancy. The doc said, in anyhow, there is the risk. But it depends solely on our body. As for my case, im going for a short flight (one hour trip), and she said i might handle it but still, the risk is there. She advised me to get enough rest before traveling, avoid standing, walking for so longgg as im very new (7weeks) and had got misscarriage previously. All the best to us. May Allah protect our baby and us and make it smooth. Aamiin.

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So how's your baby mommy? Everything okay after fly?

Betul it's depends ketahanan body masing2. Cuz mine turun naik flight spjg 4 month. After balik macau, i check hospital baru tau y betul2 pregnant. Doc even tny x perasan ke dh pregnant 4 month 😅. But, if u dah tau u pregnant. Consult with doc dulu la. Tgk ada apa2 masalah x.

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I went to Hokkaido during 6 weeks pregnancy, it takes 8 hours flights and i walked almost 10km everyday for 4 days.. Alhamdulillah seems to be fine.. But i think it's depends on the person.. Better consult with your doctor..

Tgk bdn jgk.. so far ari tu 4 weeks travel by bot 3 hours flight 2 hours ok.. 7 weeks travel dgn kreta blik klntan 7 jam.. Alhamdulillah all doing well.. cma mybe bdn penat kluar spoting (panik jgk 😅 pg doc smua ok)

I did travel to Korea for 11 days when I was week 7. All good. Doctor said can travel and do things as usual

congratulations mommy. actually can travel but more alert and careful.use pillow and drive dlow

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Just try to take things slightly slower than usual. But other than that, all good :)

Ask your doctor