Husband bonding with baby

Husband keeps saying our LO dont like him, as she would sometimes cry when he feeds her or when he tries to comfort her. How? He also gets very unhappy when people take her away from him when he tries to soothe her. Sigh! I kept telling him not to think that way. But I don’t want him to feel like that...

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Let your husband know that baby below 7yrs old are dependent on thier mothers which are absolutely normal. And when they reach 7yrs above this the time they wana explore the world and that daddy will come in to the picture and he will be very bz.. Tell ur hub not that baby don't like him, maybe it's the scent that baby prefer, which is mummy smell.. Tell your hub she's inside your tummy for 9months, it's normal baby prefer u over him. Encourage him when he make the effort to feed or care for Baby. Or enlighten him maybe certain angle or position baby prefer to. That what I tell my husband recently. I feel his a bit jealous my girl are abut sticky to me

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