My husband does not like helping to take care of our toddler (just look after or play with him) for long. About an hour plus to two hours of playing or just watching him he will get frustrated. He complained that maid takes way too long to bathe and eat her meals (about 30 mins each) cause she does not want to take care of our toddler and that she only carries our toddler to sleep so that she can carry him and watch tv. And is asking that I tell my Mom and maid to sleep train him (let him cry it out as currently he cannot take naps unless being carried, we tried letting him nap without carrying and he can cry until he chokes and coughs, even after he had fallen asleep by carrying, we put him on bed, he will wake up almost immediately) and train him to play by himself in the play yard without needing someone to be around (... say that we can monitor via cam. Seriously what is he saying? Our toddler is just slightly over one year old! What if he falls? Husband says how hard can he falls. He is in the play yard with a mat at the bottom...). I know we should really try to sleep train him but it's so hard to heard him cries for more than 30 mins and still unable to sleep. Just ranting cos he does not lives with us and of cos can make such remarks.

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your husband doesn't live with you? Well. just ignore then. Sorry to say but sometimes husband does not have the patience when it comes to child care. They just want it fast and quick. Moreover your child is only merely 1 year old plus? I don't see why there is a rush in training him to sleep on his own. Some child requires a longer period of time. You can slowly try to train but don't make it too traumatic for the child. Hang in there mummy. i know its not easy with a husband who doesn't seem to understand

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I guess the only way he will be able to fully understand is when he starts to live together with you. But be prepared for more 'problem's of him saying that you never train him properly when he was younger and all.. just one ear in and one ear out will do