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How do you tell your helper of that infant clothes are not allowed to wash in machine with our adult clothes? So pissed of that from the very first day we have already told her that baby clothes shall hand wash. Suspect that it’s not the first time. Should I ask her to re wash as the detergent we use is totally different Does any of the mummies does wash baby clothes with adult clothes together in the washing machine?

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I don’t have helper. I use washing machine with baby detergent for all my baby clothes. I do not mixed adult clothes together cos I feel it’s “dirty” haha But during my confinement, my CL hand wash all baby clothes and bedsheets

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We wash all the clothes together with normal detergent. It seems fine to me as I have no time to do the extra house work. Just that I always apply moisturizer on my baby before wearing any clothes. My baby's skin is fine so far..

I don’t wash them tgth cos different detergent! I think you should ask her to rewash again as warning! Not trying to be mean, but she cant go on making such “mistakes” esp after you’ve alr specifically told her alr!

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Nope. Baby clothes should be hand washed. If you’re helper can’t understand and follow simple instructions, you might wanna get the agent to talk to her.

Tell her firmly and directly. If she still doesnt do this, ask the agency to brief her. If she STILL doesnt do it, replace her.

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Understand that baby's clothes should be separate from adult clothes, but is it must hand-wash? Can't just using machine wash?

Oh my.. remind your helper to separate. Cos baby's detergent are more gentle and meant to remove milk and faeces.

I think up to individual. Unless your baby skin is super sensitive, if not i dun see why cannot

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my previous helper wash using hand but she combine my baby's clothes with hers eventually 😠

Oh I would wash baby clothes and adult clothes separately using different detergent.